Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Joe is ELEVEN today!

Can it be that JOE is turning ELEVEN? YES! YES! YES!

Knowing that Joe would be busy on his birthday, Grandad and I took a few minutes on Sunday afternoon to pay him a visit and wish him well. I entered into Joe's exciting red-and-black room, got the tour and talked with him for a few private minutes. As you can tell, Joe is a huge UGA fan! It is easy to see what his college goals are and where his football loyalties lie. Of course, it helps that both his parents are UGA grads.

Joe tells me that everything is good. School is good, his team is 3-0 in the current baseball season, he is looking forward to turning eleven (he is having some guys over to spend the night and go to some racecar driving place) and that he is happy. I can tell you that he was delightful to talk to, his room was amazingly clean for an eleven-year-old boy and that he greeted me and said goodbye to me with really warm, sincere hugs. It was good to catch up with this fine young man who has a special place in my heart.

Happy Birthday Joe!

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Kate said...

What a guy. Happy birthday, dude!!!

family said...

Happy Birthday Joe. We love you!

juju said...

Joe, Your the best. Happy Birthday