Monday, March 05, 2012

Week end interview...

Kristin came from California (through terrible mid-air thunderstorms and drama!) to spend a long weekend with us, for the sole purpose of interviewing her father (on video), collecting a massive amount of pictures and material, in order to start putting together his life story.

 We got to take in a little family time when the S-C family came over to join us for dinner, games and happy conversation.  The rest of the Atlanta family was off on Spring Break  and couldn't be here to join in the fun.

 Reliving TLC's history has once again proven that he has had an amazing life and hopefully the best is yet to come!

It was good to have you home, Kristin. :)


juju said...

This must have been such a honor for Terr to have his daughter want to know every detail of his life's story. A true gift for generations to come.

Queenie said...

Great subject matter.
Makes an easy job for Kristin.
Looking forward to reading about his full life.