Thursday, March 29, 2012

Keep Judy and Nana in your prayers

My sister, Judy, came home from the hospital today after undergoing a complete hysterectomy and the removal of two large tumors.  I am praising God that she is doing okay, even though experiencing some discomfort, and on the way to recovery.

Nana isn't doing so well.  It seems to be getting harder for her to get around and her pain, although she is  on medication for it,  is ever present.

Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.


:+: Felly's :+: said...

I wish for them to feel better soon. i love seeing them healthy and happy, always have smile on their face and i always thinking of them and miss them a lot...i hope i can visit everybody in Tennessee.

Love and miss you,

fweakijam said...

Felly, you are adored. Your well wishes are appreciated. Thank you for your support.