Monday, March 19, 2012

Boys of Summer...

After playing a couple of games Saturday, Ford came to watch the last part of Joe's game Saturday night.  Baseball...the tie that binds!

Oh, and Issy entertains us between innings!

Speaking of entertaining, Keegan was in a successful production of Grease this past weekend (hope to get a video of this one!), Emily will soon be appearing in Annie,  4/12 - 4/14, with the Wesleyan Jr. High Players and Andrew has started rehearsals as the lead character, George, in the high school production of Our Town, 5/3 - 5/5.  
Keegan getting ready to act his part in Grease.

If you haven't seen these GRANDS perform, you are missing a special treat!  

Note:  Also, this weekend, Morgan came in second place in her out of town climbing competition  and Aidan got a picture perfect, badly needed hit for his team!  (I will let you know how Issy's squad did in their second round of cheerleading competition on Sunday, as soon as I find out.)
Our cup runneth over!


pie rox said...

thanks for keeping us updated! :)
hahaha... love the Issy entertainment! :)

- Emily

Kate said...

Oh man! Issy is such a sproingy little athlete! Very impressive!

And definitely need to see more pictures from Grease - Keegan looks like a regular Danny Zuko in that one!