Thursday, March 01, 2012

The House That Built Me

I just returned home from my Mother's house, where I always enjoy going and still feel I belong.  I love taking pictures there; history is in every corner, and the photos, books, paintings and the fish tank beckon to be looked at and enjoyed.  My roots run deep in that old house.  Time tends to do that with people as it does with plants.  When I was young, I was tenderly fed and nurtured there; and now I feel appreciated and, hopefully, enjoyed.

I hope I paid enough attention to the tender little roots planted in my house...I wish I had known then what I do now, for surely I would have made the sun shine even on rainy days.

I know you want the same, because you are building great people at your houses too. I encourage you, even through the teenage years, to persevere and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  These are the best of times.

Oh...and you are always welcome at every place I ever call home.  (I thought today, while I was putting  this video together, that I would like to buy and fix up Shiver Summit and move back in!  For there I could feel memories of all of you.)

5 comments: said...

Merry, how sweet of you to express your feelings of our home. Of course, to me it is ancient, out-dated, old, dusty and early orange-crate. But only takes someone else'
eyes to see memories and I agree it filled with those. I accept for Daddy along with myself your sweet
thoughts of home. I love it too, thats the reason I try to stay here.There have been many fun-filled occasions here with 600 bursting at its seams,and yes that is called family.

Anonymous said...

precious. love the song!

Anonymous said...

precious. love the song!

:+: Felly's :+: said...

Nana's house always warm my heart every time i visited...every corner are so sweet, have many cute detail and also many story. this is a very sweet post. Loveee love it.


tschafee said...

so i'm a little slow on the catch-up, but just watched this. beautiful and touching. you do good work capturing memories. very sweet.