Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Story about Aidan by Alan

Aidan is being lifted by Keegan and another team mate.

Last night Aidan got a dramatic base hit to win the game for our team, the Tigers.

We went into the bottom of the final inning behind 8 to 2. The Tigers rallied, mainly by obtaining a lot of walks from the opposing pitcher. By the time Aidan got to the plate, the Tigers were down 8 to 7. The bases were loaded, and there were two outs.

One of the first pitches hit Aidan's finger and bat at the same time. That hurts! Aidan was hurt and crying. I went out to check on him (I'm the coach). The umpire said that we could bring in a substitute hitter since Aidan appeared hurt. I asked Aidan if he would like to stay in the game or have a substitute come in. He was crying too much to speak, but he motioned that he wanted to go back up to the plate.

Aidan came back up to the plate. He got behind in the count... no balls and two strikes. The bases were still loaded with two outs, and the Tigers were down by one run. If Aidan had allowed one more strike, the Tigers would have lost.

Aidan hit the next pitch solidly up the middle, allowing two runners to come home to score. The Tigers won! The team preserved its undefeated record for the year (seven wins, no losses).

Aidan's teammates and Keegan came out onto the field and started chanting "Aidan, Aidan, Aidan!" They carried him off the field to the extent a bunch of nine and ten year olds can carry someone off the field.

Very soon after receiving the game ball, Aidan handed it to me and said, "Can you hold this? I want to go get some popcorn before the snack shack closes."

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fweakijam said...

I love getting great stories about my grandchildren and their parents!