Sunday, April 03, 2011

Home Grown Random Act of Culture

After the Wesleyan Jr. High Player's hit show, "Seussical", part of the cast went out to dinner to celebrate a successful closing night.  The cast came up with the bright idea to share a song from the show with the patrons of the restaurant where they were eating (joining the many who have recently performed in huge numbers, at malls etc.,  their version of a random act of culture).  I'm sure you will recognize the tall, beautiful, white shirted, brother and sister team (Andrew and Emily), standing together with their backs toward the camera, as they join in the impromptu performance!

What fun!  There's no business like Show Business!!  I've always wanted to do this!!

Cell phone video by:  Daddy Tom
Rhythmical clapping by:  Mama Kim


Kristin Pedersen said...

So Cute!!!

Morgan said...
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