Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

"I am confirming that all of you and your entire families, except for brother Tom’s, will be our guests for Easter Brunch at 11 a.m. at the Commerce Club in the 191 Peachtree ST. building on the 49th floor. This is the re-named 191 Club in its new quarters in the same building. Parking in the garage below. Bring your ticket up to the reception desk of the Club to be validated. Easter Bunny (but no more egg hunts, sorry Joe), private room (the Ivan Allen room), and groaning board, per usual."  Love, Grandad
Easter Egg and more fellowship to follow at the Heath!


family said...

wonderful! the day was just perfect. thanks mimi and granddad. For being the sturdy rock for the family.

As for the day yesterday, I won't thank you- "I'll thank Jesus"......hehe

I love you.

juju said...

Looks like Easter was a wonderful day in Atlanta and in College Grove. Anytime all my children are home it is a wonderful day! said...

This crowd is growing out of control. Looks like your family had a celebration such as ours was, celebration the Resurrection
of our Lord. Thank goodness He is
always alive for us and in us,
Did Grandad do the video. Sweet.

fweakijam said...

Mom, Grandad wrote the note to the children. (I just thought it would be a factual lead-in to my picture story.) Grandad does not take pictures or do videos. His job is to be a lawyer and to look handsome and successful. That he does very well.