Wednesday, April 06, 2011

In a word...Joe

Today is Joe's day.  He was born in 1998 and today he is 13, that's THIRTEEN years old!  Over the years it has has been my privilege to see the softer side of Joe (sometimes kids are a little more gentle with Grandparents than with others) when he has come to stay with me, at least once a year while his parents are out of town on an annual trip. He has always been a delight to have around the house and has never fails to touch my heart.

I still feel my heart strings tug when I see him these days, on the baseball field, out to dinner, at home doing his homework, at school on Grandparent's day... always doing his boy thing, too old to be taken care of, but every time we hug hello or goodbye, he is so sweet to let me say, "I love you" with my embrace, and my heart always feels his goodness.

I see him trying to be the best he can be, whether on the baseball field or doing his homework.  That's good character, grandson, and every time I see you biting down intently on your tongue as you are throwing a baseball, I know you are in the zone, digging deep down inside and praying you succeed.  That's a good quality to have, and that's what I think makes you the best of the best!

Thirteen, I can't believe you are already 13!  Oh, how I have loved watching you grow so fine.  Remember, Jesus will be your best friend for the asking and your best is always the ultimate gift you can give.

Happy Birthday, dear Joe.  Can you hear me and Grandad singing?!  


family said...

You all should know that Joe pitched in two games for his Giants this week. He won both, by scores of 17-4 and 17-1. In one he held the opponents hitless, which is a "no-hitter"! He had several big hits, too. Way to go, Joe! Love, Grandad.

Queenie said...

message for Joe from Nana- - -
I am so sorry Joem when I started to acknowledge your birthday by email my keyboard would not make a
letter, not one, However I was looking at something and saw where someone had written your name and
gosh, I love your name, you sound so important like George Washington or George H. W. Bush
Listen to this Joseph Patton Regas.
I love it. And I love you little
grandson who is getting so big I
won't know you when I see you,
have a great year. Continue to
make Grandad proud, not to mention
your own Dad, Love, Nana

Kristin said...

Happy birthday, Joe!!! We're looking forward to seeing you even taller at Grayton this year!!