Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Basketball kind of Day...

Today found Granddad and me at a girls basketball game starring our own little ISSY (#4) . Okay, starring may be a little strong, but in our eyes we could see no other. Not only is she beautiful to watch she also has a determination and effort that sets her apart. I love the way this girl tries and experiences every aspect of life.

Brother Joe was there to cheer her on and Granddad yelled the loudest. ;) Unfortunately, Joe has a cast on his arm (long story short, he was skating backwards and fell over someone who went down in his path.) and couldn't play his game today; but I am told that he has been invited to Cooperstown, NY, in June, for the national baseball playoffs!

It wasn't long after getting home from the game that I got an email from California (Brian as well as one from Kristin!) that featured a great photograph of Keegan scoring in his basketball game! I think we had a family day of hard working achievers to be proud of. Go TEAM!

(Keegan and Aidan are still in rehearsals for Oliver and Andrew and Emily for Beauty and the Beast. Ford is getting ready for baseball try outs and Morgan is still climbing to great heights.)

My, my, you guys are hard to keep up with!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tea for two after midnight

This week my brother turned 60. I went to my hometown to visit my mother and to honor this special occasion. We had a wonderful few days to make memories and to embrace our time together.

This past Christmas a grandchild brought a friend from Thailand into our family gathering; she gave a gift of fabulous tea flowers to my mother. On our last night together, at midnight, we decided to experience the tea flowers and have a mother-daughter tea mother and I...
Thank you, Fellie, from Thailand, it made for a lovely and special event for us to share...Another memory to cherish. I am grateful.

Tea for Two from Merry Croft on Vimeo.

(Another thank you goes out to my sister and her husband for having us out to their beautiful home and making us a delicious dinner. Take it from me...there is nothing like good family. Remember to embrace it.)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Keegan and Aidan in OLIVER!

I am proud to announce that Keegan and Aidan are in their second week of rehearsals for the professional production, put on at the playhouse in San Anselmo, of Oliver Twist. Aidan is on stage most of the play as he is in the core ensemble and Keegan is playing the role of the skillful, cunning, pickpocket, Artful Dodger. I understand they both are doing an outstanding job and having "tons of fun". I also hear that Keegan has a perfect cockney accent, amazing memory, beautiful voice and is a natural actor! (The family has already figured that out as both boys were stars in Mimi's summer project when they performed in Romeo and Juliet!)

The play will open the weekend of March 12-14, and we are definitely looking forward to a CD screening this summer at Grayton Beach!

Break-a-leg boys and don't learn too many nasty tricks from that evil old man, Fagin!

(A sample of Keegan's Artful Dodger role.)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fishing in the Keys

Over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend, Mike and Joe went on their annual deep sea fishing trip, with three other dads and their sons. The group fished off the coast of Marathon Key and Joe's catch of the day was the above Mahi Mahi. What a beauty! Boy, would I like to be invited to dinner!

While the guys were off fishing, Mary, Isabelle and Grandmother Diana took a girls trip to Savannah. A good reason for these fabulous trips might have been the straight A report cards that Joe and Issy brought home after the last reporting period!

A big shout out to all you hard working students!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kim Gets a Room in the 2010 Decorator Show House!

I had the privilege of accompanying daughter, Kimberly, to explore and measure the room she was awarded, in the 2010 Decorator Show House, on Tuxedo Road.

I was so proud watching her work, measuring every nook and cranny and spouting out wonderful ideas as she moved around the room. She was so confident and I found myself wanting her ideas for my very own!

Take a good look so you can be in on the transformation of this non-descript, faux painted room (a bar, maybe?). I think she will give it a dramatic make-over and in a couple of months it will be worth the price of admission. I expect you will all want to come and see her success!

Good Luck Bo! I know the talent is there.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Ice at the Waterfallls

by Merry

by Charles Oliver

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The reason I came...

Snow in the Mountains from Merry Croft on Vimeo.

Days like this make me so happy. It is always better when you can share these moments with the ones you love, but I've learned to seize the day or they will pass me by.

From the television I hear of ice causing traffic problems, wrecks, airport delays, etc....but here there are no cars, no people; just virgin snow and only the sound of the creek, the wind and my foot steps.

It may be too cold to enjoy tomorrow, but today was a good day.

P. S. I pray Kate makes it safely to Costa Rica and Terr gets home okay from New York.