Monday, May 24, 2010

William and I are experiencing the mountains together...


Music written by William.


juju said...

What beautiful mountain music. The harmony gives you a sense of great fun and adventure iwith a precious little boy.

family said...

well isn't that the sweetest noise i've ever heard.....not sure he'll want to return home.
love you both very much.

Queenie said...

After all he is part Indian.
What else would you expect of a
fourth Indian boy, except perfection.

tschafee said...

awesome. thank you, mimi, for taking him off for a couple days of alone time in the mountains. i know he felt special. and you make beautiful indian music together!

Kate said...

What a treasure that soundtrack is! I'm so glad you have someone with you who understands the mountains, Mama - it sure sounds like he does :) I love you - K