Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're treating the Hemlocks on Monday!

This film was my motivation...

Wish me luck on this working. I am told that the Hemlocks in the National Forest will die but ours won't until they become re-infested and have to be treated again. Maybe by then we will have a viable predator that will keep the Woolly Adelgid in check.

I'm going to help with the process so I can keep the cost down and by learning how it's done I can teach others. If anybody has Monday off and wants to spend it in the woods...well, I know where you can get some good exercise! ;)


Queenie said...

Well done, girl. Heal those trees,
wish to be there and watch your
excitement. Wishing the very best
for the Hemlocks at your place. Sad to see others die in the forest.

fweakijam said...

Mama...You are so faithful. I adore your love and support of me and the things that are close to my heart. I will be at Northcroft all of next week. (William is coming with me, he is out of school and the two big kids have exams.) I am staying because I've lined up other work to be done on the shack while I where here. So grab a friend and join us!


P.S. Thank you for faithfully keeping up with Chatterbox. It means a lot to me to read your comments.

juju said...

Go Girl! Save The Hemlocks. Especially, the jelly bean hemlock.

family said...

...while I were here? Go figure how I came up with that one!

Judy...The perfect comment and I totally agree!