Monday, April 12, 2010

Like Sancho, "I love him"...Happy 70th!!

What can I say about this man of mine that will make this day big enough.

My Don Quixote de la Mancha, who saw as his quest to right all wrongs, came riding into my life 32 years ago on a shiny red motorcycle, ready to save me from all the windmills that were threatening my very being. He lifted me up on a pedestal, so high that I knew, finally, I would be loved forevermore. He has loved my children and given me children to love. Through his generosity, consistency and love we have become a family of yours-mine-and-ours without distinctions of who's whose.

His work life has followed the same path. He loves lawyers, the law, and all that it represents. He does the best work possible and gives back to his profession through many legal organizations and judicial campaigns. He is known in the legal community for his excellence, honesty, fairness and his classy three-piece suits. He sets a high bar in more ways than one.

Today he turns 70 years old and still professes to love his life with me. He takes care of himself for us and he still looks amazing! I am one lucky woman to be able to celebrate this very special birthday with my knight in shinning armor.

Help me sing it out...Happy Birthday dear Terrence! I pray for many more.


(Don Quixote: "so conspicuous and void of difficulty that children may handle him, youths may read him, men may understand him and old men may celebrate him")


family said...

Happy birthday, g-diddy. you are blessed with an amazing life! Mainly because I'm in it.....
We love you!

Queenie said...

This celebration goes through the
Italy trip. When I get 70, I too,
will celebrate a month.
Such an accomplishment you have made
to your profession and example to
your family.
What a "Sweet" son-in-law to the
I love you dearly,

juju said...

Ok, Terr. It is time to disclose your secrets. How do you look 2 decades younger??? Happy Birthday to a Super Lawyer and an even better Brother-in-law. We love you, Judy and Louis