Sunday, April 04, 2010

Glorious Easter!

Jesus said, “Why woman do you cry?” Our circumstances are temporary; our future is bought, paid for and bright. We sang; Come Awake, Come Awake. Come and rise up from the dead…

Wow, the music was exciting, the message unwavering about the only living God, and on top of all that I had my devoted husband sitting at my side and ten of my children and grandchildren nearby. It was so wonderful that I watched the service (on line: again tonight just to relive those special moments.

Afterwards the Atlanta members of our sweet family gathered in a private room at the 191 Club and enjoyed a delicious brunch, egg hunt, and fellowship together. We also took the opportunity to celebrate Grandad’s 70th birthday and Joe becoming a “tween”. Terr was presented a book of pictures and greetings from loved ones, put together by grandson, Andrew. The first nine pages were pictures and letters from all the grandchildren, so moving to Grandad that he had to stop reading them out loud and let the children take turns doing the reading as they gathered around him.

Once again Mary’s mother, Marlene, was part of our family gathering, though in a wheel chair and bruised from a recent fall, she still had a sparkle in her eye and a smile on her face when she looked at a child. Their affection for her was evident as they hugged her hello and goodbye. Join me in putting her and Mary, as her daughter, on your prayer list.

We headed back to the house for the annual egg hunt at the Heath. The big boys hid the eggs for the younger ones and hunted for the golden egg that Mimi hid in a much more difficult place. We hung out together a little longer, while the children went to the trampoline, and then everybody left to the gyrations of the “happy dance”. In the sudden quiet and in the warmth of the sun before going into the house, Grandad and I embraced and told each other how blessed we were. It had been another good family day and we were so grateful. Thank you to all who loved us today....


Happy Birthday My Darling.


juju said...

I can hardly talk because I am so full of Knowing God's grace is sufficent when I am not, so I will try to write. This Easter had so much meaning and like you, I am so full of blessings and grace that I do not deserve. I am at peace because my Savior has Paid the price and He knows my heart and my desires. And even though all my family were not with me today, I know that He has a plan for each of them and a Mom will always pray for God's presence in each of their lives. Yes, indeed, this day only brings more meaning as every year passes as we honor Christ and all that He paid for us.

droiddoes said...

Great blog post Mimi! Absolutely loved it! Great summary of all the days events

Queenie said...

I, too am smiling!
Great post. Wish I could have
seen the whole group, but our
blog is next best thing.
Terrence looks great for his 70th.
Have a happy birthday on the real
date.Much love Old Guy.