Sunday, April 11, 2010

Morgan's Spring Break Adventure

Morgan spent her spring break in California with her Aunt Bethann and Adrienne. She told me that she had an AWESOME time. Molly sends a report as to why...

"Morgan had an awesome time on her spring break/early birthday trip to CA. She got to see the Pedersen’s new house, had a very elaborate Easter egg hunt arranged by Beth and Adrienne (so elaborate that Morgan still had pounds of candy when she came home -- to Ford’s delight!). Her first full day she, Adrienne and Beth went to the Exploratorium and had dinner at a jazz club and then played Rock Band. The next day A&B took her bouldering at the gym where Nationals were held in 2008 and then had dinner at the Pedersen’s house. The next day Morgan went to work with Beth before having yummy dim sum in SF and going on a 2.2 mile hike by Beth’s house then took Tashi (their dog) to Rodeo Beach. For dinner they grilled burgers and played more rockband. The next day they ate crab at Fisherman’s Wharf and had an awesome tour at Alcatraz (fun to go on the ferry). They had an early birthday dinner at Melting Pot (yummy fondue place) with Kristin, Aidan and Keegan. And then left the following day. Fortunately we will get to see Beth and Adrianne soon for Beth’s when they come back for Beth’s reunion at Westminster. Fun, fun trip for all!"

This Tuesday (April 13th), along with Grandad, Morgan has a birthday. She will be eleven years old and growing beautifully in knowledge, wisdom and statue. May God continue to bless you, darling Morgan. Grandad and I want all your dreams to come true.
Happy Birthday!

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Queenie said...

Have a happy day Tuesday, Morgan.
You have so much to celebrate, it
took several day. Your trip must
have been a great experience.
You are growing so big and pretty.