Tuesday, June 05, 2012

50 Years A Yale Man!

There is much to be said for being taught by teachers who have high expectations of their students' ability to learn.  There is much to be said for the opportunity to learn from teachers who have achieved excellence in their fields.   There is much to be said for doing your best when the best is made available to you.  This may have required extreme effort and expense, but there is really something good to be said about the results.

I have just spent the weekend with the 1962 men of Yale; and from my view point, although they were very privileged, they have given back over the years, far more than they have taken.

I am grateful for the opportunity, through my Yale Man, to have been welcomed into the inner circle.
Join me for a look back at our weekend, lunches and dinners under the big tent in Davenport quad, faces of old friends, walks around campus while going back and forth to lectures, musical reviews (featuring reunion Whiffenpoofs from years gone by), museums and other activities of Terr's 50th 1962 Yale Reunion!

The number one song in of June of 1962 was, I Can't Stop Loving You,
by Ray Charles.


Family said...

Thanks, Lovie, for a prompt and all-encompassing look at my 50th Reunion at Yale. I was very proud to have you with me. Love, Terrence.

juju said...

What a wonderful look at Terr's YALE experience. So proud of you, Terr and your accomplishments and of the great things you have done with your life. Merry has to be # one of your list. She sure knows how to document all the history of the Croft family. Good job, both of you!

fweakijam said...

Such sweet words. Thank you, Sister for giving them to us. I feel the same about you and Louis!