Monday, June 11, 2012

Mimi's 65 Years Old

In a birthday wish, my sister reminded me to count the pennies, a ritual my grandmother used in her primary Sunday School class when a child had a birthday.  From the "birthday chair" we counted our age out in pennies then gave the treasure as a love offering when the plate was passed.   Last night, from my chair of honor at the head of the table, I counted my blessings.  They were many.  For those near and far, thank you for making my life so very special.  Thank you for coming to celebrate me.  Thank you for your gifts, cards, phone calls, e-mails and video chats.  You made it great to be 65!  (That and my first check from Social Security.)

I love you all...Mimi

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juju said...

Birthday Parties are wonderful, especially when you still have the presence of mind to still remember the the excitement of the Birthday chair of 60 years ago. Qh, the blessings of life!!!