Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An Audience with the Queen on her 85th!

 Our Queen Mother turns 85 years young and we had a celebration!
 Mom, Judy, Louis, Hugh, Natali, Terrence and I met on the top of Mount Eagle to unite our best wishes.
 We had a delicious meal at a lovely restaurant called High Point...
Where once again her children said thank you for a life time of devoted motherhood.

Happy Birthday, Mama.  You are loved and endeared.  Long live the Queen!


juju said...

All of what a Birthdays should be!!! Full of love, laughter, good food, soft wind blowing, and a very special Mom to honor!! Happy 85th ! I love you, MOM

Queentalks said...

After having lunch yesterday with the great girls, ??? well they were when we started in 1968, last night was a wonderful finish to a long day. Thanks Ellie, Gail, Linda and Max for taking me to lunch, and for continuing to love me. We has lots of great years together making money!!!!!!!
Last night was a very special time.
Lots of laughter, as we left I told out waitress, "We did not have any fun" She said she could tell. Hugh cracked us up with Natalie's rooster story and the story of her cat she acquired, both of which Hugh does not like, but it made a great subject at our dinner table. This along with Merry's story about becoming a Thousandaire this week when Social
Security came through. I was totally exausted when we got back home but what a way to become exausted. Little Gaege goat me home with all my bags and got me settled in. I thank God for my family.

pie rox said...

thats awesome mimi!! :)
wish i could have been there!!!! :)