Monday, December 19, 2011

More Sights and Sounds of the Season

Annual Mother/Daughter Christmas Tea given by a mother of one of Kim's high school friend.  Note photo on bottom left, it was taken the year I had cancer (1990) and Terr took my place at the tea. 

After the Tea came our annual S-C Caroling Party!

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Christmas Day is almost here!


Queentalks said...

What a great post today! What a wonderful group! How many years?
A great rendition of that great Christmas Carol, Oh Come all ye
Kim ~ ~ ~ ~ Needless to say ~ ~
A very successful evening.

family said...

After 29 years, we still can't get Nana to come sing with us! What's that about????

You would be blessed for sure.....
Merry Christmas family. The Sab cha's are sending so much hurts

juju said...

I think I want a cookie---are they as good as they are beautiful? Good to see carolers! That is Christmas.