Sunday, December 25, 2011

An Awesome Christmas Eve 2011

A business associate's unforgetable Christmas Party, at which we missed Mike, Mary and family who had left just before we arrived.
A moving, candle-light Christmas eve service at church,
with the S-C family joining us for our annual Christmas Eve Dinner...It was the perfect Christmas Eve, leaving us with great expectations for the morrow.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

P.S.  Mike: Tommy Malone, our host at Christmas Party, greeted me with; "your son is a great guy and I love him", making me feel so proud of your accomplishment.  It is so lovely for us when we hear sweet words like these about our children.  Sorry we missed seeing you, Mary and the children.


:+: Felly's :+: said...

Merry Christmas Auntie Merry ^__^

i'm sure you will go to Nana's house tomorrow..please say Merry Christmas to everyone for me i will miss everyone on christmas at nana's house ^__^

Love, Felly

fweakijam said...

...and we will miss you Felly. If you feel a warm feeling deep down inside, know that it is all of us at the Patton house wishing you a Very,Merry Christmas.

family said...

great night! Great fun. Great family.

queentalks said...

Thanks for sharing with us this post, Felly. Please know that you were missed by us so very much.
You, too have been a wonderfu; experience of learning new things to us also.
We will always love you and remember your two years with us. It is my prayer that we will meet
again somewhere, sometime and soon
too. I love you little girl!

juju said...

What a great Christmas Eve..Raindeer and all. Would have loved to have gone to that party. Unbelievable!