Monday, December 27, 2010

Sweet Memories of Christmas 2010

William holds my hand at Christmas Eve Services
The sweet ending of a Christmas Eve fondue dinner.
The family coming in on Christmas morning...
Christmas Day Morning with phone calls from absent children.

My sweet family making good conversation before our gift exchange.
Laughter and Guitar Shirts that made real sound!
Very special Christmas Boxes.
The snowy trip to Nana's house!

Arriving at 600 once again.
The next day being back at the prettiest sight you'll see... ...and Kate making home made pizza!!
I must say...I did NOT miss the real Christmas this year! Oh, thank you God for blessing this family and thank you family for all your gifts of love.


Kate said...

Such a precious and wonderful time with our family. Thank you for making it so special, and for capturing it in photos. Love <3

juju said...

What a beautiful trip to Tennessee. The snow laden trees are awesome. Looks like another great Christmas for the Croft's. Glad you braved the storm and got to the Boro.

family said...

A precious Christ-filled celebration--the entire season. So glad you are capturing these moments for us to cherish in years to come. When we are old and can't remember what happened "back in the day".
May God continue to be in the center of this family and may he continue to bless us with His grace...

tschafee said...

A beautiful Christmas filled with Christ and family. Sorry we couldn't make the Murfreesboro leg. We had my family in town too and had to continue our two-day Christmas here. I love the Christmas morning traditions from our house to Mimi's with all the family. Love to all and a blessed bright new year!