Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yesterday, I went to visit Isabelle at her day camp. Issy has been going to this camp for several years and each year, because I know the camp providers, I get a call to invite me over and watch Issy at play. What a joy! I get to catch up with my friends and also see my beautiful granddaughter's happy face.

Thanks for letting me share this special time with you, Issy!

Oh! and thank you Issy (and your sweet Mom) for bringing me my special birthday necklace, after getting a longer chain. It is perfect!
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Queenie said...

I know I can do that, eating
watermelon today.
Fun, fun, fun, thanks for sharing
Isabelle's camp

juju said...

Looks like great fun, Issy. I love the key necklace.