Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mimi out of her box and also flying high!

While in Manchester, Vermont the past three days, I decided to take a class in Falconry...odd maybe, but I am totally ready for some adventure in my life while I still have the energy for new experiences. I sometimes feel the clock ticking and wonder if I have used my time well.

Anyway, off I went to the British School of Falconry. Terr went with me so I could have some pictures of the event. He stood back and was very quiet doing all he could to capture the moment. (I would have looked a little better, had the weather been cooler, so I could have worn the traditional Barbour jacket and boots along with the leather falconry glove that is fitted and issued to students.)

I was totally absorbed in my Scottish instructor's lecture and the hour flew by. Had I had enough time, I would have gone on a hunt with Mycroft (the bird I was issued, for obvious reasons) the following day. I got a sample of this when we walked the edge of the forest and Mycroft followed from tree to tree. We lured him in with a snare and he attacked it with more power than I realized he had. It was amazing!

One of the things I was told not to be frightened of was if my bird (a Harris Hawk) tried to fly then hanging upside down while I was holding him with my gloved hand. Well he did, I stayed calm and he immediately righted himself.

Well, although this single course does not qualify me as a falconer, it did provide me some insight and gave me a chance to learn, firsthand, how to handle and fly a hawk. I was just thrilled!


Queenie said...

Oh! Mimio, what fun.
You are bound to find the fun every
where you go.
I am so glad you tried a falcon
rather than a python. Vermont
seems like a great place to visit.
Never been there, perhaps through
it on train to NY, or some places
thereabout or maybe over it. Looks
like great place.

Anonymous said...

Merry - What a wonderful time you must of had and Terrence did a wonderful job with the picture taking. And John Denver was the perfect background music. You are so talented and wonderful.
Thank you for sharing your time.


juju said...

Great day. What a memorable adventure. That's truly a flying HIGH moment.

Kate said...

Just SO cool. And great song choice for your slideshow :) Think you might want to do more falconry? You could find someone to instruct you at the Georgia Falconry Association: