Thursday, July 08, 2010

Our 4th of July Celebration

I wish I had kept count of the annual 4th of July celebrations that we have experienced at Northcroft. From the early ones, where I would freak out and angrily go inside, fearing an explosion would go too high and threaten fire in my beloved forest, to the resent years of gloriously perfected firework shows; the memories collected have been awesome!

It starts early in the day when the men, who are able to join us at Northcroft for the holiday weekend, with the children in attendance, head off to C0pperhill to select and buy the best fireworks for the nights show. Grandad spares no expense!

At dusk the children begin the evening with the dance of the sparklers. Chairs are put in place, sweaters donned and women and children take their place in anticipation of a great fireworks show.

Grandad, Tom and in years passed, Shannon, work for the next hour, plus, shooting off glorious (below the hovering trees) fireworks, delighting all who watch. Inspired we break out in patriotic song, cheer and clap loudly at the gift we are receiving. At several points during the show a strobe-light effect firework is lit. The children get up from their seats and start to dance in the bright flashing light. Tom joins them and we all delight at the sight in the darkness.

Although, once a time I kind of dreaded, I have come to truly love this night. What a wonderful way to embrace God, country, home and family. Yes, all the things I cherish most.

Hope your 4th was a good one too!

A 4TH of July Tradition!

A 4TH of July Tradition! from Croft on Vimeo.

(Text frames are much too fast, please forgive, but I am having computer issues and just went with it, good or bad.)


juju said...

Amen and Amen! What a display of God and Country. Made we want to stand with hand over heart. Thanks for sharing.

family said...

great memories. and who doesn't want to forget about William in his snow boots for the weekend as a bonus! video is awesome--movie last night, not so much....
i love you.

Queenie said...

Very beautiful fireworks show .
Put together with one of my favorite
artist singing behind your Vimeo
made it perfect. Thanks Terr and the
boys and John McDurmett for making
this an enjoyable film.