Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas doings with the S-C family

Today was a day filled with Christmas activities. Church was a good place to notes read things like; "Christmas is Merry because Jesus came to set us free, not because of the gifts under the tree." "It is impossible to live like Christ unless we know Christ." "Give all your sins to Him and you will find peace."

After Church the S-C family (our children/grandchildren and fellow worshipers) took us to their club for our annual Christmas brunch together. What a treat to share this time with them! The food is always good, the company a pleasure and afterwards we get to go down stairs and have a visit with Santa himself! Use to, the singing of the Messiah at Westminster and the Lawyer's Club Christmas Party would kick off the season for me. But now, I think it's this afternoon brunch that starts to get me excited!
Grandad and I came home for a short rest then headed back to the church for children's Christmas Nativity. It was a huge event and we all watched proudly as William played the part of a Shark (Shark, you ask?...something to do with ALL creatures.)
He was a very good shark. (below, William is the big fish in the
Whatever you are doing to prepare for Christmas Day, I hope you are feeling the spirit too. I can't wait to see all of you.


family said...

William was the best Christmas Shark, ever. Grandad.

family said...

I love this video. We'll look back on this in years to come and appreciate it's message, high voices and tender hearts........thanks, Mom.
I stand in awe of what God is doing in my children.

Queenie said...

I am sure that this tree will be
laden with gifts for the entire
family. What fun for the little
children. God Bless all,

juju said...

All Christmas trees are beautiful. Even the snow laden evergreen in the woods has a special ability to bring Christmas to mind. Thanks for sharing!