Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bethann, Esq. Visits Father's Law School

Terrence got a call a few days ago. It was daughter Beth, calling from the campus of Michigan Law School. I could hear the pride in his voice when he told her places on the campus he wanted her to see: "You must go to the law library....., then, go upstairs on the second floor of the law school building and look for a plaque on the wall and see if you can find my name."

Well, Beth did all those things and even sent pictures to prove it. She found the plaque commemorating Terrence's victory in the Advanced Moot Court "Campbell Competition" in 1964. Although not shown on the wall, he recalls that he also won the prize for the best brief, and at the awards banquet following the final argument, which was presided over by a Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Terrence was appointed Chief Judge of the first year moot court program for the following year. All in all it was a big day for him.

Beth made her father feel very special to be able to share those memories with her.
Thanks Beth, for sharing your visit with us. I hope you were as proud as of your father as I am.


Anonymous said...

very cool Merry. can you email me that picture of Dad on campus? it is so small on the blog that i can't see him well.

miss you guys!!


family said...

Beth…I failed to mention how proud we are of you and your accomplishments! How brave you were to go back after so many years, take AND pass the bar to become a lawyer yourself. For Terr to share these moments with you is incredible for him.

I don't know why your Dad's picture scanned in so small. Let me try it again and I will send it to you. It makes me so happy that you keep up with us through Chatterbox. 

family said...
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Anonymous said...

aw shucks. looking forward to the picture.

and thank you for keeping chatterbox up to date. what an amazing way to stay on top of family activities and it is awesome as an archive, too!!