Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving, Kate's way...

I got these picture off facebook from one of the many that were lucky enough to grace Kate and Jeremy's Thanksgiving table. Her dishes sounded so amazing that I can't even attempt to describe them. How she managed to cook so well and serve so many in a small New York apartment, I'll never know. But I do know (because I know her) she makes everyone feel welcomed in her home.

Kate, you are welcome to post some of those delicious recipes on Chatterbox. Good job, sweet girl, I'm proud of you!!!


Kate said...

Thanks, mamacita! My over-the-top menu:

Cider-brined pancetta-sage heritage turkey
Hudson Valley duck breast stuffed with rosemary and fennel
Roasted garlic whipped potatoes with thyme-infused cream
Roasted tri-color fingerlings with tea-soaked black mission figs
Sweet potato mousse with coconut-cashew marshmallow topping
Herbed haricots verts with braised chicory
Roasted brussels sprouts with black walnuts and diced apple
Truffled oyster mushroom stuffing
Sorghum-balsamic glazed delicata squash stuffed with sour cherry Israeli couscous
Parmesan kale salad with lemon vinaigrette
Cinnamon-citrus cranberry sauce
Homestyle apple pie
Maple pecan pie
pumpkin custard
Rye whiskey ice cream
Turkish coffee

recipes upon request!

fweakijam said...

Kate! Are you kidding? This is way off my level of difficulty chart! You'll just have to cook it for us sometime. I’ll be your Sous-Chef !

kim said...

say what?