Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fall on Main Street USA

A visit to Murfreesboro this past week end was highlighted by good conversations with family and family friends, long autum walks with my brother's dog and the colors of my childhood. I feel so lucky that at 62 years of age, I can still go home, my mother has the coffee pot perking on the stove and my siblings will come by to welcome me.


Queenie said...

You betcha!!!
Coffee always, the first from your
little carafe you bring along.
What a fun few days,sorry I did not
feel well Thursday. Come again soon.

juju said...

Hey, the fallen leaves makes us not look so bad!! Great pictures. I love you coming home. Come again, soon. We have to plan our Patton family, women only, 1st annual slumber party,

Queenie said...

Leigh wants in.!

juju said...

Your in, Leigh!!!

Kate said...

The sisters are the only thing prettier than the foliage. Miss you ladies :)