Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Survival Game

The following slide show should be viewed with caution. It contains survival games that only 13 year olds would endure for a buddy on his birthday. It includes not only sleeping outside in the cold and cooking their own dinner, but also: making your own death defying cookies, an obstacle course blindfolded with only the help of team guidance to get through, face freezing, undiluted lemon juice drinking, eating vomit and booger flavored jellybeans, searching for handcuff keys in a vat of slimy spaghetti to free a handcuffed teammate, sucking vegetables (baby food) from a straw and transferring the yuck to a cup, oatmeal face planting, dads giggling at you and oh, so much more! It was horrible…but they all survived with the encouragement of their teammates.

It was a night to remember for teams: The Dead Crickets and The Jackalopes (The Jackalopes being the winners!).

The Survival Game Camp-Out 11/09 from Croft on Vimeo.


family said...

pictures tell the whole story!
great video, Mimi. Can't wait for Andrew to see it when he gets home today!
Thank you.

Queenie said...

Poor little boys ! And it was so
cold. Looks like fun was had by
all. Nana

juju said...

What a great defining moment as you pass into the teen age years. Happy Birthday, Andrew------Hope being a teenager is not as hard as surviving, Survival Night!!!

tschafee said...

you've done it again, mimi. great video. i love the faces you captured during the games. it was a wonderfully horrible time. perfect camping weather and a great group. thanks so much to you and terr for all you did to make it happen. including this video.