Monday, October 19, 2009

October events

Isabelle had a yummy belated birthday party today at Chamberlain Chocolate Factory!

She is also a top cheerleader for the Fourth Grade Colts football team.

Andrew was invited to participate in the Duke 7th grade talent search for scoring so high on his CTP4 testing last spring.

Emily is working on the tech crew for Andrew's up-coming play this weekend. She also had the winning concept for the playbill!

William was moved into an accelerated program in math and reading due to his high scores. This will mean he accelerates into 1st grade curriculum while staying in his kindergarten class. Last week, Will also got 4...count 'em...1,2,3,4, green lights in a row, for good behavior! He has really been working on that for some time. Good job William!!

Morgan is making some $$ this fall by being a referee for soccer games. She took a class and is now official. The best part is that she has a whistle!! Morgan also went to Tallahassee this past weekend, with friends of her family, for two more soap box derby events. She continues to rock climb too.

Ford is having a successful baseball fall season with the Medlock Park IronBirds and Joe is all fired up in his football season with the Fifth Grade Colts. Go Teams!

I know there is a lot more family news to be broadcast, IE...environmental news, big cases, new decorating clients, winter workout classes. I hear Shannon's new job at GT is going great! How are things in CA going for our newly married family?

Got news? We want to know! I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

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Queenie said...

Looks like the children had fun at
the chocolate factory. what a great party. Have a wonderful year Issy. I love you.