Friday, October 23, 2009

"Adios Amigo!"

More transformation from the "Nursery" to the "Green room", today. And I gotta tell ya, I live in a dream world where stuffed animals become family and are loved! I felt like a traitor packing them away and taking them off to another home...and yes, there were a few tears. Oh, and these don't represent all the babies that I took out of the three tiered table in the Nursery kitchen! (It pains my heart when I think of Emily having to do this one day.)
Some stayed. Kate granted a pardon and I rationalized keeping a few more under the pretense that they were special because...yada, yada, but let me tell you, it was a hard day letting go of the memories each one held. Also, I am like a child when it comes to wanting cute cuddly life like animals. (Where do you think Emily and Issy got it from?) So please don't feed the addiction! I never want to do this again...(except for that large lamb I have been waiting for that won't come in until December.)

One funny thing did happen. As I quickly lowered the animals into the large black plastic bag , so as not to think too long about it, one toy in particular grabbed me with laughter! It was a large, beautifully colored parrot that hadn't been played with in years, but when I threw him into the bag, he hollered, "Adios Amigo!" (who knew the battery still worked!) and I let out a loud chuckle and ran to tell Kate viva email. I knew then that someone else was going to get a smile from that bird, not just me.

So, Adios Amigos, it's been really good having you around with all the children that have played here.


P.S. There are still a few stuffed friends in Kate's basement room that have been granted immunity as well. I still have enough for a party! ;)

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Anonymous said...

That parrot could teach us some spanish! Adios Amigo! Ju and Lou