Monday, October 26, 2009

A Groovy Day at the Corn Maze

For the last three or four years a few members of the family gather and head for the corn maze to celebrate Fall. This year Tom's sister joined us with her three children. Some of the maze had been flooded and maps had to be redrawn. They were a little hard to follow but our fearless leader, Andrew (after an hour and a half diligent map reading) lead us out of the maze and into the opening once again.

We encountered but one problem. Grandad and young 4 1/2 year old Patrick, got separated from the group at the beginning, never to be found again! I'm not sure how long it took G'diddy to give up, find a forbidden short cut out and go sit himself down in a chair while watching his charge play on the tractor tires, but we all had faith that he would.

All-in-all, it was a really good memory. Come join us next year!

Uncle Shucks Corn Maze 2009 from Croft on Vimeo.


family said...

that is such a great video. i love it. thanks for making that such a special memory!
Sorry, Granddad that you were stuck with Patrick and didn't get the full "Shuck" experience. You would have loved it--especially the mis-turns and 1 1/2 of wandering.....
We love you.
Andrew, Emily and Mommy

tschafee said...

thanks for capturing the moments, mimi. it was a shucktastic good time. oh, there's that same mud patch again. i think we've been here before. Yes we just went in a circle, but that circle confirmed that Andrew knows exactly where we are. Another year in and out of the maze. Until next year...