Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Family reconizes Grandad's job change

Today's email was filled with lots of fweaky moments and most of them made me laugh out loud! Well, everyone needs a good laugh every once in a while, so I thought I would share with you the witty side of my beloved family. Enjoy the banter...

From Molly...(I'll admit, I'm posting these letters without permission.)

Dear Loved Ones --

I just called Grandad at work after I read the cool announcement about our famous dad/father-in-law/husband and, to my surprise, actually got him on the phone . . . .

It is such a cool thing, but I must point something out . . .

Did anyone notice an omission? A quite large omission actually . . . In his entire bio there is not one mention of us: his wonderful and talented and witty and good-looking and clever (and very modest and humble) family members. Not even a mention of those of us who have the special power to eat fast or to juggle or to make purple fire balls (thanks to William). And, speaking of little William . . . even worse, no mention of FWEAKIJAM, no link to Family Chatterbox, etc., etc. The list goes on and on I'm afraid.

I assume all of you noted the omission but were too polite to point it out. But since we're all family (listen up Alan), it's important to discuss these issues out in the open and not to hide our true feelings and thoughts (can you tell I've been married to a psychiatrist for 18 years?).

On behalf of all of us, I asked Grandad if there could be a follow-up article or an addendum to make sure we are well represented. He decided that it will have to wait for his obituary.

In the meantime, a big congrats to Grandad. He's "The Man." And an extra bonus. Since we all get to claim him in some way, he makes us all look good . . .

Molly (one of the forgotten ones)

p.s. seriously, did anyone else love the description of Grandad being a"Special Master" as much as I did? just sounds so cool. everyone wants to be special and a master and he has both . . . sounds like a black belt title or something . . . like he could beat up anyone who messed with any of his FWEAKIJAM clan. It 's important to have one of those in every family.
From Tom...
good points all, molly. first of all, who would it really have hurt to just add "FWEAKI" to the JAMS that's already there? Imagine the phone calls from the headline "Please Welcome Our New FWEAKIJAMS Resolution expert".secondly, "special master" sounds like a superpower bestowed upon him that should have been attributed to his youngest grandson. thirdly, how much cooler would it have been if he'd just used his bigfoot picture. surely that would have made him look ready "to help you resolve your most challenging and important cases.

"that said, it is very cool for you, G-Diddy, and by association, for the rest of us."the man" indeed.

Tom Sabonis-Chafee
Creative Director
Ogilvy Action Atlanta

From Kate...
As future "part-owner," I can only assume that the Special Master (who is Kind of a Big Deal, after all) will be renaming the organization with the full "FWEAKIJAMS" moniker at that time.
You rock, Daddy-o.
This is totally what happens when you over educate your children and adopt your in laws as your own!

*FWEAKIJAM = the first letter of the name of each grandchild (Ford through Morgan) to form the word we have used for many years that describes our week of family vacation and Mimi's projects created there. Example, this is Fweakijam 2009...
*Super Powers=Powers that then four year old William bestowed upon all family members during Fweakijam 2008. Example, jumping, flying, hopping...etc.


family said...

to all you creative guru's out there----you make me laugh! I'm just say'in

Queenie said...

Of course it will not be long
before this place will be renamed
The Fweakijams. it's fittin.

Queenie said...

Love and good wishes, Terrence.
You deserve good clients.

tschafee said...

thanks for immortalizing our email banter. i offer you my after-the-fact permission.