Friday, September 25, 2009

Kelley Wedding Slide Show!

At last, Kristin and Alan's Wedding Slide Show, as seen through Merry's camera...

Kristin and Alan's Wedding Weekend 9/09 from Croft on Vimeo.

They Honeymooned in Hawaii and had a lovely, restful time together (it was well deserved and needed after putting on such a fabulous wedding!). They are home now, settling into their busy but happy lives together with the boys.

Kristin has sent me a sample of her professional wedding pictures. You have something to look forward to seeing, they are just beautiful. She has many to go through before putting an album together for you.

I'm shooting thoughts of happiness their way and much love too! MPC


family said...

brilliant, Mom!
You are the video making momma!!!!!! What a special memory.

family said...

Kim...It's over 13 minutes, EEEK! And I would have liked it better if you were singing the lyrics to, From this Moment, but it was fun to see all of you as I was making slide show. :)


Kristin and Alan said...


This was wonderful! Thank you so much for capturing our special weekend, and for all of your hard work in putting this together! Another masterpiece from Mimi, one that we will treasure.

Much love,
Kristin and Alan

juju said...

What a beautiful wedding! Great job with your blog movie, Merry. The day was so unique and that Justice of the Peace made it so very special. Happiness always, Kristin and Alan.

Anonymous said...


What a great rendering of Kristin and Alan's amazing wedding weekend! It was fabulous to see everyone and to spend some time with you and Dad planting the wedding flowers in the garden.


tschafee said...

Another awesome video, Mimi. This one should come with popcorn. But every minute worth watching. A great recap of all the wonderful weekend events in all the breathtaking settings. Well done!