Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Memories of Family Summer Vacation 2009

Each year Molly gives us her heartfelt memories of our Family Vacation. After much anticipation, this year's memories came, via email, today...

August 2009
The 7th Annual trip to Grayton Beach
(went to Earth Shine in 2002 and lovely Jekyll Island in 2001

FWEAKIJAM 2009 – aka “The Week of Green”

First year with Alan joining us – WELCOME!

Mimi’s amazing music video of the Beach Boys – Surfin’ Safari

First year of the awards! Andrew did an amazing job as the master of ceremonies. And the winners please . . . .

Mimi – creative guru award

G’Diddy – most graceful falling award

Andrew – most aggressive voice award (also want to add “The Yak Award”)
· Emily – helicopter braid
· Tom – Beachmaster-wanna-be award
· Will – best scary story award (aka thump-thump-drag award)
· Kim – rice cake award
Keegan – most creative use of zombies and tupok in Balderdash
Alan – most balls caught
Aidan – the giant squid award
Kristin – crab cake queen
Joe – for looking cool in the baby pool (when talking to the chicks next door)
Mary – workout warrior
Mike – the best beachmaster award
Issy – talk ‘til you drop award
Ford – 3 Cups of Tea award
Shannon – most extensive array of taco toppings
Morgan – true blue friend award (for sticking up for Emily)
Molly – squeaky bike tire award
Kate – the big giant green, green machine
Jeremy – most time on computer

Amazing weather with crystal clear water like the Caribbean – no seaweed, no jellyfish, even saw 4 dolphins (whale sharks there too we learned later) – also watched thunderstorm from the dock

The tongue-less tee shirts

Kate playing her banjo and teaching the kids how to play

The girls’ crazy hairdos

Tom’s G’Diddy sighting prior to the trip – “I’m just sayin’”

The week of green – thanks to Jeremy for bringing water bottles to inspire us to break our water bottle dependence – we did well with the exception of someone who got busted (she, who loves the sports caps, will remain unnamed)

Discovering the joys of shaved ice

Playing tennis 3 times in one day! Grandad showing us just how tough he is.

Gorgeous moons every night – fun nighttime beach walks – a full moon on our last night

Shannon, feeling brave (and inspired by Jeremy and Kate to eat local), went to a boat bought shrimp and mullet from a woman with a peg leg in a bikini, Cheri Dawn, who had caught them that morning

Kate, Ford and Joe reading on the dock

Tubs almost falling through the ceiling and other exiting leaks

Issy and Emily painting at Mimi and Grandad’s house – all three girls sleeping in the pink room

Discovering Shorty’s and Hurricane Oysters (drinking oyster shots during Happy Hour thanks to Mike)

The boys flirting with the California girls living next door – talking to them dock-to-dock

The girls going kayaking by themselves for the first time on the lake (thanks to Mike for taking Morgan on the ocean)

William wanting to jump at all of the “crusty” waves

Favorite Balderdash definitions
the button and loop used in union civil war uniforms (submitted by Tom)
a pig that eats nuts (submitted by Joe and Aidan)
a large zombie that lives under your bed and scares you at night (submitted by Andrew although everyone assumed it was Keegan!)
a noisy toddler—named after the sound made by a South American tree frog (submitted by Tom)
a disease you catch by kissing a skunk (submitted by Emily)
a yak fetus (submitted by Andrew)
a type of graph the kids in Japan use for school (submitted by Issy)
large and pendulous (submitted by Shannon)


Kate and Jeremy singing the kids to sleep (and some of the grown ups too!!) – Summertime is my favorite -- also taking the kids to the bookstore

Mary’s “Booty Camp” with Tom serving once again as the official photographer

Great e-mail bantering prior to the trip

Drinking cold Mondelo beer on the beach

Another great FWEAKIJAM tee shirt (thanks to Tom and Kim)

Chicken fighting in the pool

Kayaking around the lake and playing in the waves

Ya Yas having a special evening together

Dancing to Day-O

Playing tennis with the group – Grandad having a special Kristi lesson the week prior to get ready. Very impressive!

Amazing massages from Kate and Jeremy

Squeak, Balderdash, Apples to Apples (William desperately trying to find an Apples to Apples partner), Sequence

The Big Kahuna Water Park

Reliving Mary discovering her valuable gems and even an arrowhead!

Fun bike rides

Thanks again to Mimi and Grandad for such a special week
and wonderful memories!!
Thank you, Molly for putting all these special moments to pen. I loved reliving them!


family said...

Great idea to capture this on chatterbox! We will all have it for a lifetime.....and hold those precious memories in our hearts just as long.....
Blessings. Bo

Queenie said...

Molly should have been a journalist
very interesting reading. It was
fun to try to solve all the mysteries.
Knowing the matriarch as I do,
I could figure.
Good reporting.