Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fweakijam 2009!

Family vacation 2009 is all but over. The Atlanta families are safely home and the out-of-towners are staying with us tonight and flying home tomorrow. It has been a fun packed week with so much going on that it was hard to decide whether you should go the beach, the pool, the dock, the tennis court, the kitchen to help with the next meal, the living room to play a game, on a bike ride or over to the little house to paint with Mimi! What a privilege it was to be all together once again.

The following music video was our "Mimi's Project" this year (my contribution). I think it speaks for itself. Enjoy a little surfing with us.

Untitled from Croft on

Untitled from Croft on Vimeo.


family said...

That is awesome! Only now did it occur to me: "Where are the moms"?
Great times. Wonderful weather. Wonderful family. Thank you Mimi and Grandad. Each year just gets better and better!!!!!!
We should publish this video on utube. I'm sure it will get a ton of play---that old man in the video makes me laugh every time.

family said...


tschafee said...

awesome. awesome. awesome. definitely a youtube candidate. great to relive the grayton moments through video and song. i'll get our pictures uploaded to flickr sometime soon and send the link. don't expect all mimi's bells and whistles with ours. looking forward to next year.

juju said...

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!! The best yet. The Flags and the cute little man made it.

family said...

To Kim...You're right, I wasn't think, it all happened so fast... Mom's next year, so stay bikini ready! ;)

ILU, Mom