Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Football practice has started

Joe made the fifth grade, Murphy Candler Colts travel football team, and Issy will be cheering for the fourth grade Colts this year! We know what the Regas family will be doing every afternoon this fall, as well as two fun filled games each Saturday. I'm sure Grandad is looking forward to a lot of football watching!

William started his first day of kindergarden this week. He has a great teacher and as soon as he gets his singing under control he will be at the top of his class! (Always keep the song in your heart, Will :)

Grandad and I are praying for safety, good teachers, new friends and enough sleep for clear minds to learn with, as all the Grandchildren head back to school. We are excited about the things you will be participating in throughout the coming year. GodSpeed!


juju said...

The grand kids are growing and the least of them, goes off to school. So is life!!! Go Joe!

family said...

One week down. And a ton more to go! William is loving school--especially the cafeteria. Life is good.