Sunday, April 21, 2013

Visit from Alan and Kristin

Terr and I feel lucky that Alan and Kristin grew up in Atlanta and both have parents, family and friends here for even though they live in California their ties brings them back home.  .

On this trip they were coming to support and witness the wedding of a friend they went to school with.  I'm told it was a lovely wedding at Trinity Church with the reception and sit down dinner at the Piedmont Driving Club.

Shannon came to pick Kristin up for breakfast this Sunday morning.  We had just come in from church when Shannon brought Kristin home and Alan was coming  down the stairs.  I couldn't stop myself from hollering out to Terrence, "Honey, the children are home!"

How blessed is the man/woman whose quiver is full!

More dressing up events in April!

  Kim and Tom going to the Wesleyan Gala, 4/14/2013

Mike and Issy, father-daughter dance, 4/20/13.

Emily ready to go to the 8th grade formal, 4/5/13

The Shuler Awards, 4/18/13

Such loveliness. :)

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Terrence Lee Croft said...

It was good to see these two. They seem well and happy, but very busy. Mimi and I are looking forward to the family week at Grayton, in July. Love, Grandad.