Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just Takes a Little Magic to Make a Better World

It's a lucky day when a little magic comes into your life, especially when it comes in the form of unconditional love.

That happened about eight years ago when the S. Croft family rescued and adopted a retired racing Greyhound named Magic...and he adopted them!

Magic gave the first part of his life to racing; with his powerful legs, deep chest, flexible spine and slim build, he seemed born for the job; besides Magic was bred to be a champion.  But when champions get a little slow they are retired from the business and left to the mercy of adoption.

Then the real magic happened!  The Crofts and the Gray's paths crossed at just the right time in their lives and unconditional love flowed both ways.

The Crofts knew Magic had worked hard in his life, and needed a place to rest and be loved for the years he had left.  Magic was grateful and did all that he could do to love his people and be a good dog.  It was a good match.

 Eight years later...
Magic died in his sleep this week, resting in his favorite place on the lounge chair at the end of sofa, on his blanket.  The family had gone to school and work so he slipped away before the (middle of the day) dog walker came to care for him and warned Shannon so the others wouldn't have to see him lifeless.  I think that was a pretty magical plan for Magic to have.

Magic will live on in the lives of his people.  He taught them patience, responsibility, consistency, selflessness and yes, unconditional love.   I  am sure they will pass these things on for the rest of their lives.

The Crofts are building a garden deck Magic didn't live long enough to enjoy, but his ashes will be buried nearby.  The new addition has now been named, "Magic Garden".  Fitting, don't you think?

The making of "Magic Garden".

Goodbye Magic...and thanks for loving our Shannon, Molly, Ford and Morgan.


Terrence Lee Croft said...

Magic was a wonderful dog. RIP, Magic. Grandad.

Shannon said...

Thank you so much Mimi for writing our story of Magic the Greyhound. Ford and Morgan miss him so much, and every time we come home we forget and look for him.

Anonymous said...

The end of a pets life is always so hard-but the memories will last a life time. We love you guys. Sorry about your loss.

Ben said...

Magic was simply magical.

Love you guys,