Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Sights and Sounds of Christmas from Atlanta

1.  Kim enjoys the company of a client's pet.
2.  Making cookies and chili for the annual Carolling Party.
3.  S-C's and neighbors give their time and love by Carolling at a local Nursing Home.  (Another annual tradition!)
4.  Me getting ready for a Christmas party.
5.  I bought myself 5 golden rings. :)
6.  A package arrives from Korea filled with Christmas gifts!

IMG 2320 from Croft on Vimeo.

7.  We went to hear the glorious singing of the Messiah...It was powerful and reminded me of why we celebrate Christmas.  I am sorry that my phone stopped recording at such a pivotal moment, but none the less my heart and mind heard every word and felt the glory.

Occasionally, I have also felt a loneliness at Christmas, now that all my children are gone and making Christmas happen for their own families, but then I am reminded (by scenes such as those captured above) how exciting the season truly is for those blessed by the greatest gift of

Three days 'til Christmas!  Are you ready?

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Anonymous said...

great post, mom!
love you. kim