Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Morning...

I will not speak for anyone else, but, for me, the warmth, joy and the very presences of love on Christmas morning 2012 was truly a miraculous gift from God.  It is only through Him that such love is known and I know He was there because I invited Him.  Thank you Kate, Kristin and Ben for being with us  through  phone calls or an email, you were truly there with us in spirit and my quiver was full.  I know no better gift, but I must mention a few of mine because they were  exceptional.

1)  gifts of sound, beauty and prayers
2)  gifts of humor, art and music
3) crosses... I loved being thought of, by so many, as a recipient for this gift.
4) the many gifts of family time:
a.  Miniature golf at Pirate's Cove, followed by a cookout at Mike and Mary's house for all the family.
b.  over night trip with the girls (daughters and granddaughters!)
c.  a family-leadership challenge (ropes course) at Georgia Tech.                  
d.  a surprise family outing to be announced at a later date (from everyone!) .
5)  gifts of comfort
6)  precious gifts of love from Korea

My cup runneth over.  You all knew just what I wanted.

More joy comes in the morning...Kristin, Alan, Keegan and Aidan are here and we have yet to share our love gifts with them!  Just having them here is enough.
Wait for it...

7)  Gifts produced in California (Aidan designed the grocery bag for me!)

Merry is indeed merry!


juju said...

Beautiful memories of Christmas, 2012!!! I love your pictures.

Anonymous said...

A brilliant Christmas celebration! Thank you for creating such special memories for me and my family! I love you. And your faithful love to all your family.