Thursday, August 23, 2012

More August Birthdays!

Another year has rolled by and once again our August birthdays make us rejoice!   I am grateful for all of you born in August but on Friday I will be singing all day (quietly to myself), Happy Birthday to You to Mike and Aidan.

Michael, one of the most memorable days of my life was the day you were born in 1965.  To me you were a miracle that happened before my very eyes.  My boy, a son that I would love forever...and I will.  Despite that 18 year old mother you had, you have done well for yourself and I am so very proud of you.  Just remember, the one thing you did get from me, in abundance, is my love and devotion.  You're proof, love goes a long way.  I love you so.

As for you Aidan...I hope you have a Happy, Happy Birthday.  I sure do wish we could play a game of pool together but I'll be sure and give Uncle Mike extra kisses and tell him that he will just have to take them because I can't give them to you on your birthday!  I love you and I love the way you are growing.  I'm still hoping we can Skype sometime.  You could tell me all about your new school and the things you are doing.   You are so interesting to talk to.

Terr/Grandad and I are sending our best wishes and all our love to both of you.


lopsqueen said...

I was far, far away from you when this Little Mike was born, as well as Kimberly. This made me more than ever make sure I was close to you when that little black haired little girl was born in 1984. Has it really been that long? Well thats another story. My mother and the Great Grandmother, Miss Macon, of Little Mikes, had made him a beautiful little dress and slip set which I had sent to Okinawa and when Big Mike was to come to pick up Mother and child from the hospital he made a stop along the route somewhere and it was stollen from his car.
Mother also made one for Ken at the same time, and since Ken many of our own and many babies that Miss Betty took home from the hospital were carried home in his little outfit,the last being Little Miss
Addie two years ago. Aubrey made a deep frame for it and it hangs at the end of his hall with the shoes and baby ring.
What a beautiful baby you were Mike.
Much love to you both today.

lopsqueen said...

Happy Birthday to you, too, Aiden. You do not know me, as we have never been at the same place at the same time, but I understand that you are a great all around boy, excelling in sports and I am
sure you could have a great acting career after playing such a great part as the Sheriff.
I hope you had a great day.

Family said...

Mama, your memory is remarkable. I treasure you too!


juju said...

Happy Birthday, Mike. I loved you as a child and also as the wonderful man you have become. I am sure It is a birthday every day for you when you look at the wonderful family you have. You have been blessed! Hope you have a great day.