Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mimi's Project

Each year since 2003, our family of 22 has vacationed together for a week in Grayton Beach, Fl. That first year I bought red suspenders for each of the grandchildren, who put them on and sang a song to Grandad who financially made our vacation possible. Since then, the children and I have spent an hour or two each day of vacation working on a "Mimi's project" that marks our time together for that year. We have done art shows, movies, plays, talent shows, photo perspectives of Grayton Beach, a music video and this year a scary movie, all of which make me smile to go back, watch and remember.
My Grands are growing up. This year the gift of their time was for me. In participating in Mimi's project, older teens who would have much rather been doing other things than playing with their Grandmother, unselfishly joined in to my whimsy and played a role in our 2012 project. Thank you, precious grandchildren for again giving me your time, love and devotion.
The result is, "I Know Where Your Beach House Is". I hope you look back on it, years from now, with a smile, for these are the good years and we made them that way.
Thank you, Andrew, for helping edit the film; you saved me hours of work putting it together.
Forever our time at Grayton will bring me good memories.

And now ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may I present this years 'Mimi's Project"...

Let us know what you think!


Family said...

Brilliant film! I'm so glad Morgan isn't dead. Love, Grandad.

pie rox said...

WOW!! MIMI AND ADNREW!! THAT WAS AMAZINGGG!!! Thank you so much mimi for filming and making this happen. :) we had tons of fun while doing it!! :D And thanks to andrew for helping put it together. Wow. You guys did a brilliant job!! :D

- Emily

juju said...

"All's well that end's well" This vacation brought lots of drama. Some true and some not so true. Glad no one was lost on both counts. Great filming, Mimi. Looks like the Mimi's of nine came through again!!

Queenie said...

Wonder how many legs were broken!! Great Job Kids.

Alan said...

A masterpiece! Alan

tschafee said...
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tschafee said...

Brilliant! Can't wait til award season. You'll be raking them in. Makes me want to go back. Isn't it time to start planning 2013?