Monday, April 30, 2012

UNICEF Youth Ambassadors

For many years, Kim has had a client who chairs the youth division of UNICEF.  Over those years this client has had the privilege of getting to know our Andrew, Emily and William, so when this years youth ambassador board was being selected she invited the two older children to be a part of it.  They have been attending meetings and learning about UNICEF since January.

This past weekend was their big Gala/Fund raiser where all three of the children participated, at different stations, passionately informing contributors about what their donations will do for children in need.

"To those much is given, much is expected."  Better Ambassadors UNICEF could have not had!   Great job, kids, for stepping up to the plate!

 Emily, youth board ambassador, explained to guests how important water is to children living in Africa.
 Andrew teaches a little girl the importance of the 'school in a box' that UNICEF provides to African villages. 
 I am not clear where William's station was but for this rising youth ambassador, I think he very much liked the food table and was excused from his post to frequent it... but hey, all work and no play!

I'm told it was a special night for all involved AND for the very proud parents...

Now, how can I give a little fresh water and one of those school boxes?...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mom. I'm one proud mama! I never dreamed of such a blessed life. Kim

juju said...

Kim and Tom, You are something to be very proud of. What a precious family in every way!