Monday, April 16, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls!

It was a special weekend for our girls, as Emily, Morgan and Issy achieved outstanding goals on Saturday.

First, Emily looked amazing as a woman from the 30's in the Wolf Jr. Players' production of Annie.  She totally proved that there are no small parts for an actor, only small actors.  (Em how the heck did you learn to walk in those very high heels across that long stage, about 20 times, without even one slip of the foot and with such beautiful posture!  I mean it when I say, you looked so elegant.)

Morgan went to Texas this weekend to compete in a climbing competition.  Her success does not surprise me, taking 7th out of 21!  If you have never been on a climbing wall you can't possibly know how difficult it is (I tried when no one was looking and couldn't keep myself on the first handles (or whatever they are called)!
Morgan is picture perfect in style and confidence.  Good job!

Lastly, Isabelle flew high in Florida this weekend as her fantastic Colt's Competitive Cheerleading Squad came in at #1 in the competition!   I have been amazed at what she has been able to teach her body to do; jumps, flips, balance, etc.  She is terrific!

Girl Power!


Kate said...

Rock on, ladies!

juju said...

What a beautiful variety of grand girls!