Sunday, February 05, 2012

It's # 13 for Emily!

Today Emily spent most of her day studying even though it was her 13th birthday, but it was yesterday afternoon at a very unusual "cocktail party" that the fun began...

The magic hour was 5:30, after all guests had arrived, that everyone took on the personality of the assigned character given to them in a special birthday invitation.  There was a preppy cheerleader who was always trying to cheer everybody on and jack them up with excitement, the queen of an unknown country that thought everyone was her subject, a crazy homeless lady who conveniently introduced a pillow as her baby, a French girl who spoke very little English and was an emotional wreck, somebody with a food obsession and a beauty queen has been; just to name a few.  Our birthday guest of honor was a gracious southern belle who talked of little but her dear, darling kittens.

Guests were greeted by the butlers (Daddy, Tom and brother, William), taken to the ballroom and served endless glasses of Shirley Temples.  Everyone got to know each other and then was escorted to a lovely sit down spaghetti dinner (still in character). 

After dinner everyone had to guess each person’s character and idiosyncrasies.  Prizes were given for the best portrayal, best costume and many other bests.  Dessert was served (Emily's favorite...PIE!), then a movie, ending with snacks and a sleepover.

A big shout out to party planners-coordinators; Mom and Dad who worked hard and did a terrific job!

What a special, fun way to mark #13!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS EMILY!!! 


:+: Felly's :+: said...

Happy birthday Emily....wish you the best wished and all the great things come to you this year.

Love, Felly

juju said...

What a unique ans wonderful party celebrating such a beautiful 13 year old! Happy Birthday, Emily

Kristin said...

Happy birthday, Emily!!!

Queenie said...

What a lovely Southern Belle.
What a lovely party!
What a stunning Junior Butler!

Kate said...

Such a brilliant party concept. Everyone looks spectacular! Thanks for documenting, Mom!!!

pie rox said...

Thank you all! :)
Thank u mimi for being there, and doing this lovely blog post.
it was really fun! and we could not have had the party we did without u.
U provided the dress and the umbrella (idk the "fancy" term)
U ALSO MADE THE SPAGETTI SAUCE! :) thank u! it was AMAZING and a big hit! thank u all so much for helping me have the best birthday ever! :) it was fun!!!! :)

fweakijam said...

You are most welcome Miss Em. Thank you for always including me whenever you have a special event in your life and for thinking that I will make it better by being there. You always make me feel so special.

I love you, Mimi

tschafee said...

It was quite the party. So much fun to see all those girls stay completely in character for the better part of two hours--through a cocktail party and dinner. Emily was a lovely Southern Belle and took the prize for best overall portrayal. A 13th to remember. Thanks, Mimi, for your part and your recap! Happy 13, Em!

Anonymous said...

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