Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nana in Atlanta for "Oklahoma"!

The Atlanta family is delighted that Nana has come for a visit.  It has been a long time coming and we are grateful she was able to make the trip.

 Today, Andrew performed in the closing  production of his high school play, Oklahoma.  It has had a tremendously successful run and Andrew thrilled us all with his song and dance!

 Mom and Dad were of course very proud, along with grandparents and great-grandparent who attended.

 Andrew greeted William's friends who came to the show all excited to have their picture taken with a REAL actor cowboy!
 Nana was welcomed by a warm hug from a delighted grandson who appreciated her effort to be there.
Me...I was proud all have all the Gwen's together, Andrew's performance, hospitality from Kim and Tom, Mom's effort, Grandad's support and love, William's reading of a story and help in the kitchen.

Family...if you remember nothing else I have ever said in this life, please remember...The gift of a good family makes life oh, so very sweet.

For you all I am grateful.

P.S.  Tomorrow I get to take Nana to spend time with Mike, Mary, Joe and Issy!

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juju said...

I think that is the mist handsome cowboy I ever did see!! Can't wait to see the video. Way to go, Andrew. We are so proud of you.