Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kate's Egypt rebuilt on the Mountain!

 I got to Northcroft too late last evening to climb up the mountain to see the progress made toward rebuilding Egypt, which had been damaged when several large trees fell on top of it last Spring.
 This morning I made the climb and was happy with the restoration of what once was.  

 Huge tangles of up-rooted trees, logs and massive limb debris still remain, but much has been cut up and stacked out of the way.

The roof and screen windows have been replaced.   Kate's ancient hieroglyphics are still intact...

and the Pyramids of Giza remain for other children to play in.

Although there is a bit more work to be done, I appreciate the efforts of a local neighbor and friend, Wayne Watkins, who has worked to clear the path and rebuild the little building, making it possible for us to climb to Egypt, again.


pie rox said...

YAY FOR EGYPT!! :) i am glad SOME of it still exists. :)

I wuv u mimi! :)
U r such a faithful blog poster! :)

Queenie said...

I know Terr, Mike and Shannon are
glad to hear such a report. They
carried it all up the hill when it
was built, guess they built it too.
Looks good, Did you put the hammock back up for the bears?

fweakijam said...

Thank you, Emily, for giving me some feedback and chiming in to Chatterbox! I've got a lot to blog about...the best family in the world!!!

See what you started, Nana! I haven't put the string hammock back up but I will as soon as I repaint the floor. I sure wish you were here.

Mimi/Merry (or maybe that should be Merry/Mimi!

Queenie said...

Doesn't that red make that gray hair look beautiful?

tschafee said...

Hooray for the rebuilding of Egypt. Hadn't heard about its destruction, but glad it's coming back together. Somehow, I've missed the building both times. Thank you, Wayne.

Kate said...

It looks great in there! Glad to see the old girl intact. Thanks for looking after my treasured places, Mama. Love you guys!