Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kate says goodbye...

Kate is going out the door again. Headed off for at least a years commitment to teach English in another country. While she has yet to finish the process and sign a contract, she is hoping Korea to be her final destination.  Tomorrow she catches a plane for England where she will join Simon, complete final papers and wait for visas to come through.   I wish them safety, good health and success in all that they take on. We will all miss Kate terribly but look forward to hearing about  her adventures. Godspeed Kate, Skype whenever possible and know that you will be in my daily prayers.
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juju said...

i am going to miss you, but will look forward to hearing about this new adventure. Be safe and happy!! I love you, Aunt Judy

droiddoes said...

Missing you already, sweet sissy. I really loved having you close by for a while. You light up a room and bring adventure and fun everywhere you go......and I know you will bless others with those gifts along your journey.

I love you so much.

fweakijam said...

Kimberly...you are the sweetest sister ever...and you light up a few rooms yourself.

I love my girls,


queentalks @aim.com said...

I wish so much for you, Katherine
Patton. But you must and will have happiness always.
Promise that I will see you again
before I go?
Love, Love and love,

:+: Felly's :+: said...

Kate, Please let me know if you coming to Korea ^_^ it's quite close to Thailand and i always have plan to visit korea ^__^ if i have chance i might can see you over there ^__^ and i wish you have a safe trip and get a lot of experience.

Take care, Felly

Kate said...

Thank you everyone for your warm wishes! I had such a wonderful trip home, and it was so good to spend time with everyone. I'll be back before you know it!

Felly - it would be wonderful to see you in Korea! It looks like we will be based in Daegu starting in early March, provided our visa application process goes smoothly. I will send you more information when I have it :)

Love love love

pie rox said...

Kate... Kate... kate... HOW WE ALL MISS U SOOOOO!!!!
U WERE HERE, and then GONE!!! oh, kate... kate... kate.

did u like my song? i guess it speaks for itself!
we all miss u!! :( have fun in Korea!! (north or south??? hahah... just kidding)... I WUV U!! Oh-NO!! can u still see the Hunger Games premier!??!! ahhh!!!! u r gonna DIE!! :(

well... Thanks for the bracelet! :)

heheh... ok... well... WE MISS U!! WUV U!! BIBBIBIBIBIBIBIBIBI!!