Sunday, September 18, 2011

Joyfully more candles to light...9/19/11

Thank you for loving me, sharing your family with me and being my rock when I need truth...
  I was nineteen, had a year old baby I was already clinging to, how was I to know that I needed you so much...but God did.
Happy Birthday, Kim Berly (and I write that with a smile).  
You are one of my finest hours and every Mother's dream for her little girl.  

Happy Birthday!


Queenie said...

Now tell me that did not bring the
tears. What a lovely "Moving picture show"!
And what a beautiful voice, the Birthday girl herself.
Couldn't be better, Kim.
Kim Berly is like her Aunt Paulette
when she did her first grade radio
show being ashamed that she did not have two names, told the anouncer her name was Paulllll Ette
Floyd. I love Kim Burly.

family said...

Tears? Try buckets full.
Thank you, Mom. What a beautiful tribute.

I love you.
Kim Burly......and glad to know I share something in common with Aunt Paul ette...makes me smile through the bucket of tears....

family said...

Beautiful, Mimi. What a heartfelt gift of love. And what a wonderful gift you've given me in your daughter. How I love her and love to see those early years before I knew her. With every birthday, she gets a little more like her mom. A good thing. Only a wonderful mother could produce such a wonderful daughter. We love you.


fweakijam said...

Okay, Tom, that's the first time you have ever made me cry! Thank you, Honey, for your lovely words. You are the husband that I prayed for, for my beautiful daughter.


juju said...

I loved seeing all those wonderful pictures and reliving all the memories that they brought to mind. Happy Birthday to one beautiful, talented and wise women. What a blessing you have always been! Love. Aunt Judy